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Elemements Landscaping and gardening in Foxhollow

If you’re looking for a fun and beautiful way to enliven your Foxhollow home, consider professional landscape and garden design by Elements Landscaping & Nursery! We’ll help you bring you conception and outdoor dreams to fruition and make your home look absolutely stunning!

Foxhollow’s Professional Landscape Design & Garden Center

Change can be good and, with Elements Landscaping & Nursery, a change to our outdoor spaces can be beautiful! Why not take full advantage of your outdoor spaces with a professionally designed garden and landscape? It’s an investment in the pure joy of growing life into your property.

Following are the services and offerings we provide:

Expert Retaining Wall Installers!

Showcase your gardens, section your yard space, and add charm to your outdoor spaces with retaining walls or freestanding walls by Elements! Retaining walls shape your yard to fit the look you want. A hilly yard or a yard with slopes can really benefit with retaining walls. Work wonders for the flow of your outdoor space. We’ll help you get there!

There are three things to consider for your new retaining wall. You want beauty of course, and then there is functionality to consider or if your wall is for aesthetics only. The quality of wall block you use is important, too. The pros at Elements Landscaping & Nursery will surely help you along!

Patios Designed By Elements!

Patios are a charming and functional option for your backyard or side yard. Patios are also a great hub for activities outdoors and for entertaining. We at Elements Landscaping & Nursery can help you design your patio to incorporate your outdoor spaces to flow beautifully. Whether you want a nice place to relax and enjoy local wildlife and your garden, or inviting friends and family outside, patios are an elegant addition.

Our Landscaping & Nursery Professionals

Our landscape and garden design professionals at Elements Landscaping & Nursery have more than 25 years experience in landscaping and design. When you allow our team of pros help design and install your outdoor spaces, your dreams of a beautiful outdoor space become reality! Elements is brought to you by the same people that brought you Aurum Contracting in Beloit, and we have the same commitment to excellence!

If you are ready to get started on your backyard paradise, contact Elements Landscaping & Nursery today for a FAST FREE QUOTE at 608-250-2400. We’d love to help you on your next project.

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